Review: Too Faced Beauty Wishes and Sweet Kisses palette (Holiday 2014)

I tend to do my makeup shopping online, especially when I’m looking for products that aren’t readily available here in the Philippines. With the advent of social media, vendors and sellers have an easier way of selling their wares to a larger audience – and with eager buyers ready to explore in just a matter of a few clicks, they eventually find a shop that has what they look for.

..which is how I found Makeup Story PH on Instagram! The owner of the shop, Ms. May, is a Filipino freelance makeup artist currently based in Singapore.

Now, some of you may be iffy about products from Singapore, because a lot of imitation products and fakes which originate from China pass through Singapore. It’s such a rampant problem, coming across sellers who actually have FAKE items on sale!

But fortunately, the products she sells (and she also accepts special orders if she can find them) come mainly from Sephora SG, so you don’t have to worry about quality and authenticity. Because she is a makeup enthusiast, her main purpose is to have high-quality brands available to Filipina buyers, at the most affordable cost.

My very first purchase from her, which was in around July, was a BH Cosmetics brush set (to follow in my next review), and this Too Faced palette!

Too Faced’s Beauty Wishes & Sweet Kisses palette comes from its Holiday 2014 collection. I purchased this mainly because it was on sale for a lower price, it being off-season.. and also because I wanted to try the Chocolate Soleil bronzer so, so badly!

I have to give it to Too Faced - their packaging is adorable.
I have to give it to Too Faced – their packaging is adorable.
The back of the box gives details about the products inside.
The back of the box gives details about the products inside.

Our delicious little palette of our full-face wearable favorites fulfills every last beauty wish. Create decadent eye looks with three antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder infused shadows from our best-selling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection, our matte Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and our luminous Snow Bunny Bronzer for a fresh glow. Finish the look with a pink glossy pout.


  • 3 Exclusive eye shadows from our best-selling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection [White Chocolate, Creme Brulee, Haute Chocolate]
  • Best-selling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer
  • Exclusive preview of a deluxe version of our La Crème Lip Gloss in Naked Dolly

Here’s the packaging:





Aside from the outer box-sleeve, the product comes in a pretty tin adorned with the brand name, product name, and some fun bauble designs to really give it a festive vibe. The back of the tin shows the placement of the various products, as well as other details.

Inside, the portions are nestled in their own compartments. The eyeshadows cover the top row, the bronzers in the middle, and the lip gloss neatly tucked in at the bottom. They are separated by a glittery cold insert, which I think can be removed. (If ever I finish this product, I’d really love to reuse the tin!)


Close-up shots of the powder products:

White Chocolate eyeshadow
White Chocolate eyeshadow
Creme Brulee and Haute Chocolate eyeshadows
Creme Brulee and Haute Chocolate eyeshadows
Chocolate Soleil bronzer
Chocolate Soleil bronzer


Snow Bunny bronzer
Snow Bunny bronzer



White Chocolate is a vanilla shade, perfect for laying the base for your eyeshadow look, or for dusting on the browbone for a natural-looking highlight.

Creme Brulee is a fantastic bronze-gold, lovely for a wash across the lid or a pat onto the ball of your eye for a showstopping eye highlight.

Haute Chocolate is a rich, chocolate brown with warm gold shimmer in it. Good for smoking out, or for definition along the outer corners.



Chocolate Soleil is Too Faced’s best-selling bronzer, and for good reason – it’s a wonderfully flattering shade that I feel would be a great match for a wide variety of skintones! It isn’t orangey, nor streaky, and blends like a dream. It’s my current favorite bronzer, not to mention it smells like chocolate. CHOCOLATE!

Snow Bunny is a mix of four luminous shades, that when blended together, creates a warm, luminous glow on the skin. It shows up as more of a highlighter on me than a bronzer, so I would recommend this to fair-skinned girls (and guys) who want both warm and luminosity on their skin.


Lip Gloss:

Naked Dolly is a peachy pink lip cream. I find it a tad too light for my taste, honestly. It applies nicely, but it can go a tad patchy at first. I find that when you wait a bit, it will settle nicely and evenly on the lips.


Top to bottom: Naked Dolly, White Chocolate, Creme Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Chocolate Soleil, the individual stripes from Snow Bunny, blended Snow Bunny.
Top to bottom: Naked Dolly, White Chocolate, Creme Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Chocolate Soleil, the individual stripes from Snow Bunny, blended Snow Bunny.


I’ll be doing a look mainly using this palette soon, so please watch out for it! 🙂




  • The eyeshadows are so high-quality and soft as butter; applying and blending was such a breeze!
  • The choice of eyeshadows is perfect – it’s so easy to go from day to night just using these three shades.
  • The shimmer isn’t overkill, lending just the right touch of glamour to your look.
  • CHOCOLATE SOLEIL, OH MY GOODNESS. It was the main reason I bought this palette in the first place. It is my **perfect** bronzer for contouring, as well as overall warmth.
  • Snow Bunny, though marketed as a bronzer, is a naturally luminous highlighter for medium-skinned ladies and gentlemen. You will look healthy, as if you spent a day on the slopes – or if you’re from a tropical country which has no snow, like me (hello, Philippines!), a nice stroll through the park or by the beach in the late afternoon.
  • Really good bang for your buck – you can make this palette go far, I promise. So totally worth it!


  • Naked Dolly is too light for me! ; A ;
  • Naked Dolly applies really weirdly, too.. (sorry)
  • I feel like they could have came out with a sleeker tin, without compromising space for the product.


Overall, this is a really good-value palette! You can make a variety of looks with the eyeshadows, and the bronzers add the right touch of warmth and glow to your skin. The tin makes it pretty good for travel too, as it can survive a bit of jostling around in your purse. If you can manage to find one at your Sephora or if your favorite online seller can find it, I recommend that you purchase it!

And also, it smells like CHOCOLATE. (YAAAAAAS!!! OuO)

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you in the comments! 🙂

xx, Yani

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