Review: Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Wisp and Blush in Pegacorn

Hello, friends! It’s a really dreary and gloomy day in Manila, thanks to all this rain. It’s odd, in my opinion, that it’s raining in December, but at least the weather is cooler as opposed to how hot it’s been lately.

And it’s the perfect opportunity for me to write about two lovely cheek products that definitely brightened up my day, ever since I got them! I took the photos a couple of weeks ago, but because I’ve been busy with personal things, only got around to editing and really making a proper post about them today.

I present to you Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek highlighter in Wisp, and blush in Pegacorn!

So sit back, have a nice cup of tea (like how I am at the moment), and have a bit of light reading on this post.



These were purchased along with an Ultra Matte Lip (which I’ll be reviewing in a separate post) from my current favorite online merchant, Ms. Che of Maquillage PH (Facebook | Instagram). I don’t think I need to tell you just how much I love her shop! (If you forgot, check back here!)

Wisp: Lemme wisp-er in your ear, tell you something that you might like to hear, wait till you see our Golden champagne with highly reflective hues of gold duo chrome finishes.

Pegacorn: This deep violet in a satin finish is a combination of the most magical things (both figuratively and literally)

application tips: Fingertips will provide the highest amount of coverage. Brush suggestions: Use a flat synthetic cheek/ foundation brush or a short duo fiber brush; flat synthetic brush will give more coverage and the duo fiber brush will give a more sheer, air brushed effect. WHEN FINISHED: Close that sucker up tight! Don’t leave the jar opened for long periods of time; you may lose some of the magic that makes the Super Shock Cheek so amazzzing. Colour builds from natural- looking flushed looks to more intense bright looks. … Build to your heart’s desire!


Close-up swatches: Wisp, Pegacorn, (Chilly Chili)
Close-up swatches: Wisp, Pegacorn, (Chilly Chili)

The products come in plastic screw-top jars with a clear window to see the product itself. The brand name is imprinted on the window in holographic text. A sticker with the shade name, batch code, finish type, as well as other product and company details can be found on the bottom of each jar.

Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek range (and I believe this is also true for their Super Shock Eyes line of eyeshadows) has a curiously cute feature – the texture isn’t quite cream, not quite powder. I’d describe it as marshmallow-like, or even a firm pudding-like consistency. A friend described it as similar to Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blushes. This unusual consistency can be tricky to apply, which I learned the hard way!

Wisp is a Super Shock Cheek Pearlized, and is part of their highlighter range. Described as a golden champagne with gold duochrome reflects, I found it to suit well on my skintone! I prefer highlighters with gold reflects rather than silver reflects, because the gold adds a bit of warmth of the complexion. Gold-toned highlighters also go well when dusted over contour for a radiant glow.

Application-wise, it was a bit tricky. I tried using a flat, duo-fiber foundation brush at first, but found it difficult to smooth on. It worked a little better with a patting motion of the brush. However, I found that the easiest way for me to apply Wisp was with my fingers!

Pegacorn is a Super Shock Cheek Satin, and part of their blush range. It’s described as a deep violet, but to me it looks like a magenta, which leans a touch more violet than fuschia. I decided to buy it because.. of the name. Pegacorn. I mean, it’s a pegasus AND a unicorn – two of the most magical creatures ever dreamed up, haha! Kidding aside, I love that there are tiny gold flecks that dapple it; which only add to its magical quality even more.

I used a duo-fiber stippling brush to apply it on my cheeks, which lent a buildable and sheer flush. Pegacorn looks intimidating in the jar, but once applied, it’s a surprisingly wearable shade. I don’t normally wear pink blush because it doesn’t look very appealing as opposed to peach-toned blushes; but Pegacorn works on me. (Maybe it’s magic!)


For these two, I decided to have a little fun and made a whole makeup look based on this highlighter and blush. I came up with something.. well, magical!


For the eyes, I used purple as my main color scheme. Using varying shades of purple, I used a matte shadow in a deeper tone to contour and define my eyes, a shimmery lilac for the lid and inner corner, and a glittery violet was patted onto the center of the lid for added sparkle. To further define my eyes, I used a gunmetal-gray pencil liner with a glitter finish. I kept the lips nude, but added a gloss on top for shine.

In the photos above, you can really see how luminous and glowy Wisp is! You can also see how nice Pegacorn is as a wash of color on the cheeks – magenta isn’t just for the 80s, you know!

I liked this look so much that I also took photos in my older sister’s room, because the midday lighting there is really pretty:


The above photos have a better view of the lips, as well as the blush. I did very light contouring for this look, because I wanted to keep the cheeks looking luminous and magical (I swear this word is so appropriate).

I had so much fun creating this look because it’s not something I would wear often. If anyone wants a tutorial post on this, please let me know! 🙂




  • Very pigmented – a little goes a long way, which means one jar can get through so many applications!
  • Fun texture – I say fun, because it’s fun to kind of press it with a finger. (This is a personal pro, haha!)
  • I love how buildable both of them are.
  • As with all things Colourpop, they’re great value for money! (I got these for less that P600 each.)


  • The odd texture makes it tricky to apply.


I’ll be reviewing another Colourpop Ultra Matte in the next post, which also has an accompanying look to go with it! As mentioned, if you’d like a tutorial post on the look above, please drop me a comment and I’ll get to working on it as soon as I can. Thank you for reading! 🙂

xx Yani

5 thoughts on “Review: Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Wisp and Blush in Pegacorn

  1. The whole unique texture thing got me curious, but man. I love both products from the photos. And yes, I love gold-toned highlighters for the same reason.

  2. Hi, I found your blog some time back while googling liquid lipstick/colourpop reviews. Can I just say- Wisp looks SO good on you! I’m even more excited now about the colourpop highlighters I preordered from Maquillage ph also.

    1. Hi Ida! 🙂 Awwww, thank you very much; that’s so sweet of you! I was originally going to purchase Lunch Money, but from seeing different swatches it looked really silver.. and I’m not really going for the discoball sparkle (at least, not yet). I love Wisp, it gives off a warmth and radiance!

      Tell me about your order! I want to know what you got. 😀

      1. Same thoughts about Lunch Money. I got Highly Waisted and Monster. Highly Waisted is really pretty in the pan, a golden coral, but on the skin it’s too shimmery and silvery for me. Monster is so beautiful. It’s a glowy pink sheen on my skin (mac nc35), I love it! Is Wisp shimmery?

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