Smoked Nude Makeup (or, how I spent my day off)

Hello friends! Before anything, here’s a little update!

My current job at Bread&Botany (Facebook|Instagram) as a front-of-house entails that I not only be a waitstaff & cashier, but also a bartender (we serve gin & tonics from 5pm-closing!) and ice cream girl (I’m quite good at the swirl, woohoo!). It’s been stressful, but so much fun because I’ve been learning a lot! I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks since I even got interviewed for the job, and it feels like I’ve known my workmates for ages!

I get Mondays off, so I spent most of this morning asleep (as usual haha), but a conversation with some friends involving Colourpop’s Lippie Stix in Tootsi got me thinking of making a look with it! (And well, I couldn’t help playing with my Too Faced Chocolate Bar again.)

The finished result!
The finished result!

This look also gave me the opportunity to play with 2 new products I purchased over the Christmas season – the Maybelline Super Mineral 24 Healthy Long Lasting Foundation in OC3, and the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow cream pencil in 05 (yes – it’s GRAY). I used a classic paddle brush to apply the foundation thinly, as my skin still isn’t in the best condition – the light coverage manages to even out my skintone, which is good enough for me! As for the gray brow pencil, I think it makes my brows look more defined. I made sure to brush on some brow mascara (I used Majolica Majorca’s Brow & Lash Colorist in BR555), so the gray isn’t too jarring!

And if you’re wondering why there’s a men’s after shave balm in the products I used – that’s because the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm in Sensitive is one of the BEST primers out there! I found out about it through NikkieTutorials on YouTube, and a friend managed to get one for me as a gift. Needless to say, foundation glides on so smoothly and my makeup pretty much lasts whatever it needs to get through!

Assuming you’ve already done your base and brow makeup, on to the step-by-steps! Note that all the eyeshadows I used were from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar (my love, my life woaaaaah), but I’ll give you the shade descriptions so you can work with whichever palette or shadows you own! 🙂

1. With a fluffy brush, sweep a bone or pale beige matte colour onto your entire lid.(White Chocolate)

2. Use a small blending brush to apply a mixture of two matte shadows, a medium brown and a warmer orange-brown, onto your crease. We’re not going for definition, we want to set a colour so that we can blend our crease and lid shadows more easily! (Milk Chocolate, and a bit of Salted Caramel)

3. Apply a matte, dark khaki-brown colour with a pencil brush in a small c-shape onto the outer corners, and blending inwards along the crease. This gives your eyes definition, and deepening the crease as well. (Triple Fudge)

4. For the mobile lids, sweep a matte warm red-brown or burgundy, blending towards the crease. (Cherry Cordial)

5. Pat a shimmer or glitter burgundy right on top of the matte mobile lid colour. (Black Forest Truffle)

6. Apply the same mobile lid colours on the lower lid, using a smudge brush to apply. Blend and smoke out as desired, making sure to connect the outer corners for a smooth line.

7. If you want a lid highlight, pat a shimmery peachy beige onto the center of your lid, blending any harsh lines out. (Marzipan)

8. Apply a champagne or a pink-white frost colour along the inner corners of your eyes for added brightness. (Champagne Truffle). Blend for a nice finish.

9. Curl lashes and apply mascara. If desired, apply false lashes. (I was too lazy, so I stuck to the former!)

10. With an angled blush brush and a matte bronzer suited to your skintone, contour as you normally would. I usually apply mine just under the cheekbones, the perimeter of my temples and forehead, and along my jawline, blending out any harsh lines along the way. (My bronzer of choice is Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil!)

11. Use a warm, gold-toned highlighter along the highest points of your face. Use a fan brush or a pointed blending brush if you are using a powder formula, and a stippling brush or your clean fingers if using a cream formula. (I used Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek highlighter in Wisp, which applies more sheerly if you use a brush.)

12. Prep your lips for lip colour. If your lips are pigmented, as mine are, pat a bit of concealer onto your lips to neutralize them.

13. Apply a cool- or neutral-toned beige, or any nude lip colour that suits you, onto your lips. (Colourpop Lippie Stix in Tootsi) A matte formula is preferred, to offset the glow from the highlighter and shimmer from the eyes – but if you want to go all out with the gloss, then go for it!

14. This last step is optional: if you have a makeup spray or fixer, apply a mist all over your face to keep your makeup intact – and the mist is usually quite refreshing, woohoo!


Pans with stars are the shades I used from the palettes.
Pans with stars are the shades I used from the palettes.

And that’s it! I honestly forgot to apply blush but I ended up blending my bronzer and highlight shades together. Hehehe.

Work resumes again tomorrow, so I’m off to have dinner and rest up! I hope you all have a good week ahead!


2 thoughts on “Smoked Nude Makeup (or, how I spent my day off)

  1. The post-shave balm is available at Rustans Supermarket, in case you’d need to repurchase.

    I love your new space. I can’t remember if your previous one looked like this. I mostly read from feedly.

    Anyway, gray is definitely not a bad color for an eyebrow product. My brow hairs are super black and most browns look out of place. Gray is perfect for me because when I look at the thinner parts of my brows, it looks gray anyway. It’s great for filling in only the sparse areas when you have black hair.

    P.S. really love how you shaped your brows.

    1. Really??? How much, though? 😮 The previous one is the same theme, but with 2 sidebars. For this one, I opted to use just 1 so the post reading experience would be better. 🙂
      I blend mine with brown and it looks quite nice naman! Might stick to the brown-gray mix for a while. And thank you!!!! It took a lot of experimenting to find a brow shape that works for me!

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