Lipsticks of the Week: 1-6 March 2016

Hello, friends! A week has gone by and I’ve been diligently wearing a different lipstick for each day. My little lipstick calendar has been taped to my mirror, and I’m always excited to see what lip product’s next. I didn’t restrict myself to bullet lipsticks, so there are glosses and liquid lipsticks in the month’s lineup as well.

Without any further ado, here’s the week’s lip colours!


1 March - 2 March
1 March – 2 March

TUESDAY – 1 March

I decided to kick off my work week, and my first Lipsticks of the Week series, with a long-time favourite – NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes. The SMLCs have been consistently well-received by online reviewers and bloggers, not only for their wide range of shades and lovely formulation, but also because it smells like cake. (Which, you know, is a definite plus for me.) Cannes is the very first SMLC and the very first NYX product I’ve ever purchased, and it’s always going to be part of my little kit – it’s my favourite lip colour for everyday, after all! It’s an MLBB for me, though leaning on the browner side of things. Application’s a dream, colour’s beautiful, and my lips don’t feel bone-dry.



Revlon’s ColorBurst Matte Balm in Elusive rang in my Wednesday. It’s actually a lip colour I wore quite often a couple of years ago, in my first semester of law school. In the photo, it looks very similar to my previous lipstick, but this time around it leans more pink. It’s not as much of an MLBB to me as Cannes is, too. What I like about this is that you get a minty sensation when you apply it onto your lips (I like minty things), and your lips feel quite nourished, as it’s more of a pigmented balm formulation as opposed to a true lipstick. Also, Elusive is such a pretty pink that I’ve used it a few times as a cream blush!

3 March - 4 March
3 March – 4 March

THURSDAY – 3 March

I hadn’t worn this out in so long – Smashbox’s O-Gloss Gold. I remember buying it at Beauty Bar because it was in the sale/discount rack near the counter. I’d always wanted to own a Smashbox Cosmetics product, and the O-Glosses really intrigued me because they change their hue to fit the person wearing it. It’s one of those thermo-sensitive type of glosses, I think. The gloss applies on as a shimmering gold, but after a while, it transforms into a peachy sheen. It doesn’t feel as sticky as you would think a gloss would be, which is always a plus!


FRIDAY – 4 March

LA Splash’s Smitten Waterproof Liptint Mousse in Charmed got quite a few compliments at work – they’ve never seen me in such a pale nude! Pale lips tend to wash me out (as I’m sure it does to other ladies as well), so I paired this with defined brows and a bit of brown shadow on my lids, plus a very light contour. I’ve never really been confident that I could wear such a light colour out of the house, but this very pale dusky rose seems to work. The downside is, my lips felt so parched as I wore it. Plus points for longevity, though!

5 March - 6 March
5 March – 6 March

SATURDAY – 5 March

I wasn’t able to go to work that day because I had to run a few errands and stick to some commitments I had made, but that didn’t stop me from wearing nice lipstick! Wet & Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy is one of my all-time favourites – the colour is punchy and bold, and I don’t feel the need to put on any other makeup on my face! It’s a great gateway lipstick for girls who want to have a taste of the dark side, yet want to keep things relatively safe. I say ‘relatively’, because Sugar Plum Fairy will definitely turn heads! One of my best friends actually recommended this to me while we were out together at a bazaar, and I’m already thinking about buying a second tube.. just because. (Did I mention this lipstick is crazy affordable?) Another plus – even after most of the colour’s gone, it leaves a lovely tint.


SUNDAY – 6 March

From one favourite to another – this time, it’s Colourpop’s Lippie Stix in Topanga! It’s my favourite coral-toned lipstick, and pink tones show up on my lips, too. I love wearing this, it adds a brightness to my face. I reach for this lipstick when I need a little mood boost – the colour evokes summer, but it’s so beautiful that I like wearing this at any time of the year.



And that’s it for Week 1! I hope you’ll look forward to the rest of the series; I’ve got so much to share!

Are any of my picks your favourites? What’s your favourite lip colour product? Your favourite formulation? Leave me a comment below! 🙂


The Lipsticks of the Week Series:

9 thoughts on “Lipsticks of the Week: 1-6 March 2016

  1. Sugar Plum Fairy, one of my favourite shades ever! It looks amazing on you, by the way.

    For some reason, I also like Charmed (GASP! Allie liking something not pasa/bright! Haha!). It suits you very well, plus, it looks super classy!

    1. Sugar Plum Fairy foreverrrrrrr!! And oh my goodness, such a shocker that you like Charmed! ;A; I’ll lend it to you some time, if ever you wanna try. And thank you! ♡

      1. I think thanks to you, I’ve started liking…uh…normal-coloured lips. Of course, I pair it with coo-coo eyes, though. hahaha!

  2. I agree with Alexis, sugar plum fairy looks so good on you!

    Anyway, I must’ve already asked this, but where do you buy colourpop, is there any store that sells on-hand colourpop items?

    1. Awww, thank you! I feel like I should buy a backup tube na. At least it’s pretty inexpensive!
      I buy mine from MaquillagePH, but they’re a shop that deals on preorder basis.. as for on-hand sellers, I don’t really know any. Though I think there are some on The Beauty Ministry or Beauty Exchange PH. Hehehe!

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