Lipsticks of the Week: 8-13 March 2016

Hello, friends! Another week has passed, which means it’s another set of lipsticks to backtrack and to talk about for this recap post. Shall we begin?

8 March - 9 March
8 March – 9 March

TUESDAY – 8 March

I wanted to start the week on a bright note, so I opted for Too Cool For School’s Hot Color Lip Sticker in Hawaiian Flower. The tube itself is tiny – think of a sample lipstick, or one of those play “lipsticks” you’d find in kiddie playsets. Other than that, the colour is vibrant and lasts pretty well even when most of it’s gone; because it leaves a nice stain on the lips. I’d use this for an ombré effect, but then again that look’s never really suited me! It’s a pretty purple-pink colour, perfect for summer. (It already feels like summer; the heat’s getting crazy in Manila!)



I wore Colourpop’s Lippie Stix in Tootsi for Wednesday. Before I bought it, I really took time to think about it – I was in the middle of my greige phase, and I wanted an alternative to Colourpop’s Ultra Matte in Trap because I knew liquid lipsticks were prone to making my lips feel really dry. Tootsi was the best alternative, and I don’t regret buying it at all – it’s a pale nude with just a hint of rosiness, so I don’t look washed out or dead when I wear it! I actually bought a second tube, and because sharing is caring I offered it to my friend who bought it from me – at a discounted price, of course! (What are friends for, right? Hee.)

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Lipsticks of the Week: 1-6 March 2016

Hello, friends! A week has gone by and I’ve been diligently wearing a different lipstick for each day. My little lipstick calendar has been taped to my mirror, and I’m always excited to see what lip product’s next. I didn’t restrict myself to bullet lipsticks, so there are glosses and liquid lipsticks in the month’s lineup as well.

Without any further ado, here’s the week’s lip colours!


1 March - 2 March
1 March – 2 March

TUESDAY – 1 March

I decided to kick off my work week, and my first Lipsticks of the Week series, with a long-time favourite – NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes. The SMLCs have been consistently well-received by online reviewers and bloggers, not only for their wide range of shades and lovely formulation, but also because it smells like cake. (Which, you know, is a definite plus for me.) Cannes is the very first SMLC and the very first NYX product I’ve ever purchased, and it’s always going to be part of my little kit – it’s my favourite lip colour for everyday, after all! It’s an MLBB for me, though leaning on the browner side of things. Application’s a dream, colour’s beautiful, and my lips don’t feel bone-dry.



Revlon’s ColorBurst Matte Balm in Elusive rang in my Wednesday. It’s actually a lip colour I wore quite often a couple of years ago, in my first semester of law school. In the photo, it looks very similar to my previous lipstick, but this time around it leans more pink. It’s not as much of an MLBB to me as Cannes is, too. What I like about this is that you get a minty sensation when you apply it onto your lips (I like minty things), and your lips feel quite nourished, as it’s more of a pigmented balm formulation as opposed to a true lipstick. Also, Elusive is such a pretty pink that I’ve used it a few times as a cream blush!

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A leap day announcement!

Hello, friends! 🙂 This’ll just be short, don’t worry.

Tomorrow is the start of another month, and I’ve got something in store: I’ll be doing Lipsticks of the Week posts! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be wearing a different lipstick each work day and then compile everything in a post on the following Monday (my day off)!

This’ll be kind of a challenge for me since I rarely wear any makeup at work, but I’ll do my very best! I’ve already listed down all the lipsticks I own, and tonight I’ll be making a sort of schedule, just so I don’t have to really think of what to wear for the day. ^^;; I’ll also be documenting it on my Instagram and Snapchat (both are marianner06)!

I hope you’ll all look forward to it, and please don’t hesitate to drop me a line on here or any of my social media accounts! 🙂

Have a lovely March ahead! xx

Smoked Nude Makeup (or, how I spent my day off)

Hello friends! Before anything, here’s a little update!

My current job at Bread&Botany (Facebook|Instagram) as a front-of-house entails that I not only be a waitstaff & cashier, but also a bartender (we serve gin & tonics from 5pm-closing!) and ice cream girl (I’m quite good at the swirl, woohoo!). It’s been stressful, but so much fun because I’ve been learning a lot! I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks since I even got interviewed for the job, and it feels like I’ve known my workmates for ages!

I get Mondays off, so I spent most of this morning asleep (as usual haha), but a conversation with some friends involving Colourpop’s Lippie Stix in Tootsi got me thinking of making a look with it! (And well, I couldn’t help playing with my Too Faced Chocolate Bar again.)

The finished result!
The finished result!

This look also gave me the opportunity to play with 2 new products I purchased over the Christmas season – the Maybelline Super Mineral 24 Healthy Long Lasting Foundation in OC3, and the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow cream pencil in 05 (yes – it’s GRAY). I used a classic paddle brush to apply the foundation thinly, as my skin still isn’t in the best condition – the light coverage manages to even out my skintone, which is good enough for me! As for the gray brow pencil, I think it makes my brows look more defined. I made sure to brush on some brow mascara (I used Majolica Majorca’s Brow & Lash Colorist in BR555), so the gray isn’t too jarring!

And if you’re wondering why there’s a men’s after shave balm in the products I used – that’s because the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm in Sensitive is one of the BEST primers out there! I found out about it through NikkieTutorials on YouTube, and a friend managed to get one for me as a gift. Needless to say, foundation glides on so smoothly and my makeup pretty much lasts whatever it needs to get through!

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A bit of an explanation.

I owe it to my readers and friends why I haven’t been dishing out content lately – it’s because I’ve finally found a job It’s in something totally new to me – though something I’ve always wanted to try: the food and beverage industry!

My cousin encouraged me to apply for this new concept shop, basing its menu on sandwiches and sides; with specialty gin & tonics served in the evening. I suppose it’s difficult to really explain it without spilling the beans, but I’ll save it for when we have our grand opening! (We’re currently in a “super soft” opening as of Wednesday!)

To make it short, I’m one of the front-of-house staff for the shop. Because the place is quite smaller than conventional restaurants and bars, the position calls for several skill sets: so I’m not just a waitstaff and cashier, I’m also a barkeep, and a sundae maker! It might sound like menial work, but everything’s interesting to me. I don’t really drink anything more than beer or alcoholic mixers, so it’s nice to learn more about gin and tonics. (We had a training day dedicated to tasting different gins.. and needless to say, I got dizzy–) It’s also nice to learn about different sandwiches and sides. And it’s nice to learn, generally!

I’ll be working on a 4pm-1am shift, which means I will most likely be posting content at unholy hours (late at night, not early in the morning hahaha). I’ll try to squeeze in some product shoots (with matching selcas, because you know me–) around midday so the lighting will still be decent.

I hope you bear with me! And I’ll be sure to make an entry about the shop when we open!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day. xx


Hello, Yani!

Surprise! Sorry it took so long for me to work on your site. It’s been a pretty rough week for me. But your site is now up and ready. Just import your posts from the old site and tweak it. Love you! Bye! ^^

This was actually left for me by Angeli, one of my best friends, and also the lovely lady who helped me put up my website & domain! ^^ I owe her a lot, so I’m leaving her little surprise note as a way of showing her how much I appreciate the little bits of work she does for me – I know she’s ridiculously busy but I love her and I know she’ll always be here for me as I have always done for her. (She lives several hundred kilometers away from me.. and I’ve only met her for a short period of time so I really miss her :c Ugh!)

A Slice of Love, a Shot of Death. – This is Mort.

Hello, my name is Mort.

I’ve been doing the same job for what seems like centuries. Day in and day out, I wake up, get a list of who to pick up, then leave my home to shuttle around the world to fetch my listed people with my black ’69 Ford Mustang. Sometimes I don’t get any sleep at all, because it seems like every few seconds there’s someone new that I have to pick up and bring away. They’re all kinds of people – young, old, male, female, everything in between. You’ve got the aggressively sick, the terminally ill, the 50/50, the instant goners, the ones who never stood a chance.. I take them all to their destination. It’s taxing work, but it’s what I do best, and it’s what I enjoy.

Make that their final destination.

Hello, my name is Mort. But you probably know me as the Grim Reaper.

On a rare day that I had a bit of a break, I drove Sally (my car, I named her so I wouldn’t be lonely) down the block to this Greek taverna I liked, parked it, then went inside. I sat at this booth by the window, and the friendly waitress Miss Doris came by to take my order. She was in her late 50s, hair close to being completely white, with deeply-engraved smile lines from years of serving customers. I told her I wanted my usual lunch order- pita bread with three different dips – before she nodded, jotted down on her little notepad, then scuttled off to the kitchen to pass it on. I feel kind of sad to see her go, especially since she’s one of the few people I get to see more often than once – unfortunately, my job means meeting people just at the brink of their death, which equates to a lot of awkward conversation in the car. I suppose being the Grim Reaper is lonely work, but it’s the only work I’ve known. Continue reading “A Slice of Love, a Shot of Death. – This is Mort.”

In the name of writing and self-improvement..

..I’m going to do something that I’ve always considered to do, but never really thought of doing until now – use writing prompts to help myself get back into the creative flow and to better my writing!

I think that ever since I was young, I’ve had a knack for being very expressive and descriptive when it comes to writing. I like imagining vast expanses of scenery, and I tend to give sensations a sort of.. feel, if that makes any sense. Through the years, creative writing has always been my outlet, my sort of escape.

And lately, I’ve been feeling very much uninspired.

So with the help of the Internet and websites that have many writing prompts for aspiring writers and for anyone to really take inspiration from, I’m going to start writing again. Anything I write with the help of writing prompts, I’ll be placing under the Personal category of this site.

Let’s hope I write something nice, yes?


xx Yani

Glam Holiday Makeup featuring the Too Faced Chocolate Bar!

Hello, friends! I absolutely loved playing with my Chocolate Bar palette (click HERE for the review!) that I felt like I needed to do a holiday look for you!

I had actually done this look a couple of days before Christmas, as I was planning to wear it at Christmas lunch. But alas, because I don’t normally do a full face of makeup; and this look took me almost 2 hours to conceptualize and execute, I had to do a pared down version. But then again, this look isn’t just for the holidays – there’s something about gold eyes and red lips that make it so versatile for just about any occasion. And if you like pin-up or 50s-style makeup, nothing stands out as an icon of the look more than a rich, red lip!

The back of the house had good lighting, haha! I took it around 4pm or so.
The back of the house had good lighting, haha! I took it around 4pm or so.
Here's the shades from the Chocolate Bar that I used!
Here’s the shades from the Chocolate Bar that I used!

I’ll try to detail the instructions as best as I can, as I forgot to take photos during the process since I was taking note of how long it would take me to complete the look. I’ll be starting from the eyes since I’m assuming that each of my readers and friends have their own foundation and brow routines!

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Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection

Whoever created this palette that combines two of my favorite things – chocolate and makeup – is a genius. (Thank you, Jerrod Blandino.)

This is probably my favorite out of the birthday presents I received this year – I actually requested my dad to get me this when he was in the U.S. for an alumni event!

..aaaaaaand it’s only now that I’ve gotten around to making proper swatches and actually gotten around to playing with this beautiful palette!

I don’t remember how I first got to knowing about this palette, but I knew I had to have it – I had been constantly thinking about it for over 3 years, and I was so frustrated that the ones sold here in Manila were more expensive than I thought – after all, Too Faced is a relatively high-end brand that isn’t locally available yet. (Only online sellers and specialty sellers at bazaars usually carry this brand.) But as I mentioned, my dad was in the U.S. for an alumni homecoming earlier this year and I instantly asked for this palette.


Hello, baby. (Sorry for the lighting! ><)
Hello, baby. (Sorry for the lighting! ><)





I was fortunate enough to get it in its newer, sleeker packaging – the original packaging was thicker, and thus, bulkier. Also, it used to have a plastic insert with the names, which isn’t a worry with its current packaging which already has the shade labels printed onto it. The palette case is made out of strong metal, and has a magnetic closure. I find it satisfying to hear it close, actually – is that strange? Anyway, it feels very sturdy and has a good heft when carried in hand.

And when you open the palette: AHHHHHH. The smell of success.

Actually, it’s the smell of chocolate – these shadows are infused with cocoa powder!

The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of sweet chocolate envelops you. The eye shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums.

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