Hello, Yani!

Surprise! Sorry it took so long for me to work on your site. It’s been a pretty rough week for me. But your site is now up and ready. Just import your posts from the old site and tweak it. Love you! Bye! ^^

This was actually left for me by Angeli, one of my best friends, and also the lovely lady who helped me put up my website & domain! ^^ I owe her a lot, so I’m leaving her little surprise note as a way of showing her how much I appreciate the little bits of work she does for me – I know she’s ridiculously busy but I love her and I know she’ll always be here for me as I have always done for her. (She lives several hundred kilometers away from me.. and I’ve only met her for a short period of time so I really miss her :c Ugh!)

A Slice of Love, a Shot of Death. – This is Mort.

Hello, my name is Mort.

I’ve been doing the same job for what seems like centuries. Day in and day out, I wake up, get a list of who to pick up, then leave my home to shuttle around the world to fetch my listed people with my black ’69 Ford Mustang. Sometimes I don’t get any sleep at all, because it seems like every few seconds there’s someone new that I have to pick up and bring away. They’re all kinds of people – young, old, male, female, everything in between. You’ve got the aggressively sick, the terminally ill, the 50/50, the instant goners, the ones who never stood a chance.. I take them all to their destination. It’s taxing work, but it’s what I do best, and it’s what I enjoy.

Make that their final destination.

Hello, my name is Mort. But you probably know me as the Grim Reaper.

On a rare day that I had a bit of a break, I drove Sally (my car, I named her so I wouldn’t be lonely) down the block to this Greek taverna I liked, parked it, then went inside. I sat at this booth by the window, and the friendly waitress Miss Doris came by to take my order. She was in her late 50s, hair close to being completely white, with deeply-engraved smile lines from years of serving customers. I told her I wanted my usual lunch order- pita bread with three different dips – before she nodded, jotted down on her little notepad, then scuttled off to the kitchen to pass it on. I feel kind of sad to see her go, especially since she’s one of the few people I get to see more often than once – unfortunately, my job means meeting people just at the brink of their death, which equates to a lot of awkward conversation in the car. I suppose being the Grim Reaper is lonely work, but it’s the only work I’ve known. Continue reading “A Slice of Love, a Shot of Death. – This is Mort.”

In the name of writing and self-improvement..

..I’m going to do something that I’ve always considered to do, but never really thought of doing until now – use writing prompts to help myself get back into the creative flow and to better my writing!

I think that ever since I was young, I’ve had a knack for being very expressive and descriptive when it comes to writing. I like imagining vast expanses of scenery, and I tend to give sensations a sort of.. feel, if that makes any sense. Through the years, creative writing has always been my outlet, my sort of escape.

And lately, I’ve been feeling very much uninspired.

So with the help of the Internet and websites that have many writing prompts for aspiring writers and for anyone to really take inspiration from, I’m going to start writing again. Anything I write with the help of writing prompts, I’ll be placing under the Personal category of this site.

Let’s hope I write something nice, yes?


xx Yani

Working to find work.

I’ve been back in Manila for a little over a month and needless to say, it’s been pretty alright. A regular day consists of me doing a bit of housework, maybe cook up a bit of food, but generally just veg out, watch a few episodes of the shows I like to watch, and browse the Internet; among other things. I don’t have a specific set of goals as of the moment, but a pressing issue that’s taken priority is to find a job. In fact, it’s what my older sister grills me about very often. I’m getting tired of it, really. All the pressure she’s putting on me isn’t making things better – it’s actually making things worse.

For the past couple of years, I’ve really just felt empty. I don’t feel motivated to do anything, to pursue anything. And with that, it’s hard for me to really start anything; even more so finish anything. Above else, what I want to do is find what it is that I really want, what I really like, what I really feel passionate about. I feel that if I find that niche where I fit in, it would be easier for me to follow through and maybe actually finish something.. I mean if I feel lost, what’ll that mean for the things I decide to enter or seek to do, right?

I’ve been browsing through job sites and I’m definitely struggling to find something that really piques my interest or something that I feel would suit me. (Not only is it difficult to find that fit, but there’s all those qualifications and requirements like prior job experience and the like – I’m trying to find a job for experience, but I need experience to get a job? What’s that all about???) Personally, I don’t like being boxed in when to comes to how I do my work – which is one reason I felt somewhat suffocated when I was in law school. Because you’re expected to conform to specific formats and use jargon that isn’t simple nor used in everyday conversation, it restricted me on how I viewed myself; how I could express myself. It took a toll on my creativity. It even went to the point where I was browsing through old creative work I did like short stories, essays, and fanfiction – and I barely recognized the person who wrote them. I felt like the life was sucked out of me, like I wasn’t myself at all. I missed the person I was when I wrote those creative work. Continue reading “Working to find work.”

An introduction.

Welcome, readers!

I’ve recently decided to really work on my blogging and writing. Some of my posts have been imported from my previous blog (theadventuresofmarianner); mainly the beauty entries. I’ve currently added a few new categories, and hopefully I’ll be able to supply you all with more quality content soon!

If you are a reader or subscriber from my previous blog, I welcome you once again on my site! Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me and I hope you’ll stick around.

If you are a new reader or subscriber, I welcome you as well! This is my little slice on the Internet, and I hope to see you around!

Please do not hesitate to drop me a comment or contact me via my Twitter or Instagram. I love receiving messages and I’d also love to see suggestions for future entries!

xx Yani