Quick update!

Hello, friends!

Apologies for not posting last week’s Lipsticks of the Week post – mainly because I only wore lipstick on Tuesday and Wednesday. I took the rest of the week off because it was Holy Week, which also called for me catching up on sleep, catching up with family and friends, and basically just taking a break.. from life. Hahaha!

I’ll be extending the series to the first few days of April, so next week’s post will have the previous Tuesday and Wednesday lippies, and this whole workweek.

Thank you again for taking time out of your busy lives to visit my little online nook and read my posts! 🙂

A leap day announcement!

Hello, friends! 🙂 This’ll just be short, don’t worry.

Tomorrow is the start of another month, and I’ve got something in store: I’ll be doing Lipsticks of the Week posts! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be wearing a different lipstick each work day and then compile everything in a post on the following Monday (my day off)!

This’ll be kind of a challenge for me since I rarely wear any makeup at work, but I’ll do my very best! I’ve already listed down all the lipsticks I own, and tonight I’ll be making a sort of schedule, just so I don’t have to really think of what to wear for the day. ^^;; I’ll also be documenting it on my Instagram and Snapchat (both are marianner06)!

I hope you’ll all look forward to it, and please don’t hesitate to drop me a line on here or any of my social media accounts! 🙂

Have a lovely March ahead! xx

A bit of an explanation.

I owe it to my readers and friends why I haven’t been dishing out content lately – it’s because I’ve finally found a job It’s in something totally new to me – though something I’ve always wanted to try: the food and beverage industry!

My cousin encouraged me to apply for this new concept shop, basing its menu on sandwiches and sides; with specialty gin & tonics served in the evening. I suppose it’s difficult to really explain it without spilling the beans, but I’ll save it for when we have our grand opening! (We’re currently in a “super soft” opening as of Wednesday!)

To make it short, I’m one of the front-of-house staff for the shop. Because the place is quite smaller than conventional restaurants and bars, the position calls for several skill sets: so I’m not just a waitstaff and cashier, I’m also a barkeep, and a sundae maker! It might sound like menial work, but everything’s interesting to me. I don’t really drink anything more than beer or alcoholic mixers, so it’s nice to learn more about gin and tonics. (We had a training day dedicated to tasting different gins.. and needless to say, I got dizzy–) It’s also nice to learn about different sandwiches and sides. And it’s nice to learn, generally!

I’ll be working on a 4pm-1am shift, which means I will most likely be posting content at unholy hours (late at night, not early in the morning hahaha). I’ll try to squeeze in some product shoots (with matching selcas, because you know me–) around midday so the lighting will still be decent.

I hope you bear with me! And I’ll be sure to make an entry about the shop when we open!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day. xx