Moon Prism Power! – My little Sailor Moon haul from Tokyo Fanatics

If you manage to somehow discover a copy of my school yearbook back when I was Senior Prep, then you’ll find out that besides me loving to talk about what I did on vacation, I love to talk about a particular cartoon featuring a magical girl who calls upon the power of the moon to transform into a pretty soldier – that’s right, my favourite childhood show was Sailor Moon!

And surprise, surprise – almost two decades later, I’ve managed to fall in love with the series all over again. (Check out what I have to say about it on here!)

When I really like a series or a band or a group (or anything I’m very deeply into the fandom of), I try to look for official merchandise and stores that sell them. Now, I’ve always talked about the wonders of Instagram and online selling, and sometimes it takes a bit of digging to find the store that sells exactly what you’re looking for!

Through a chain of clicks, I stumbled upon this gem of a store – Tokyo Fanatics!

Tokyo Fanatics' Facebook page
Tokyo Fanatics’ Facebook page


Tokyo Fanatics' Instagram page
Tokyo Fanatics’ Instagram page


From their Facebook page:

Tokyo Fanatics is a seller of small items straight from Japan. Our merchandise includes: gashapons, beauty/skincare products, Japanese magazines, and more.

They even do special orders – they recently had a pre-order for the Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! stage play goods, which I sadly was not able to avail of. ;A; (It’s really funny how an anime about BOYS’ VOLLEYBALL somehow took over a good part of my life – but seriously, watch Haikyuu!! and join me and scores of other fans! Heh.) Continue reading “Moon Prism Power! – My little Sailor Moon haul from Tokyo Fanatics”