In the name of writing and self-improvement..

..I’m going to do something that I’ve always considered to do, but never really thought of doing until now – use writing prompts to help myself get back into the creative flow and to better my writing!

I think that ever since I was young, I’ve had a knack for being very expressive and descriptive when it comes to writing. I like imagining vast expanses of scenery, and I tend to give sensations a sort of.. feel, if that makes any sense. Through the years, creative writing has always been my outlet, my sort of escape.

And lately, I’ve been feeling very much uninspired.

So with the help of the Internet and websites that have many writing prompts for aspiring writers and for anyone to really take inspiration from, I’m going to start writing again. Anything I write with the help of writing prompts, I’ll be placing under the Personal category of this site.

Let’s hope I write something nice, yes?


xx Yani